hi! i want to potentially dye a wig dark teal blue, but its current color is 27/33, which is like a light honey/strawberry blonde. could i dye it as is, or would i need to bleach it first?

Hi! Is your wig synthetic or human hair?

Human hair: Bleach is for going lighter, not darker, so you probably won’t need to process. However, because of the orangy and yellowy tones in the hair, you may need a use a violet toner before dyeing to get teal you wish.

Synthetic: Can’t be bleached. Must be dyed with fabric dye or ink. While I have never tried to tone synthetic hair, I would assume mimicking the process of toning human hair by using a bit of purple before your teal coloring would effectively cancel out the honey/strawberry tones. If anyone has tried this, feel free to comment.

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Do I submit my photo to you guys? Or do I post on my page and tag your name colorfulcuties?

Submissions should go through colorfulcuties.tumblr.com/submit because it’s easy to miss tagged posts. If you want us to reblog a post already on your page, you can submit as a link instead of a photo.

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